Hotel Breakfasts: Coffee

Fist, I should acknowledge, that for me, coffee is an essential part of breakfast.  It kind of is breakfast, actually.  Hotel breakfasts are not why we stay in hotels.  They’re usually overpriced and uninteresting, or included and uninteresting, and most criminally, typically involve appearing in front of strangers.  I find these options unacceptable.  And usually, no matter what hotel breakfast option you take the coffee is just not ok. Even if there’s a Starbucks bar in the lobby, it’s always manned by a barrista who doesn’t really understand foam. However, you can manage to have a decent cup of Joe before facing the world even when you need a card key to get into your own bedroom. First of all, almost all hotel rooms now come standard with a small coffeemaker, and pre-filled pouches of coffee.  They usually make bad coffee (at least the ones at my hotels do – but then I don’t stay at the places with the Wolfgang Puck option. If you do, brew away!).  But when they do, that’s because they use bad coffee.  Mimi tip: When you book your hotel, ask two questions.  1) if they have an in-room coffee-maker, what kind. and 2) will there be a mim-refrigerator in the room.  Even if you’ve travelled 3,000 miles to your hotel destination, you can surely squeeze in a double zip-locked baggie of your favorite ground coffee. If you have a standard issue coffee maker, replace the coffee in the pouches with your own, and you’re already starting to cook with steam. If your room has the kind of coffeemaker that takes pods, you can come equipped with ones you like. A small container of milk at the local Stewart’s, Bodega, market, whatever, and you’ve now avoided that strange powdered creamer option.  Even if there is no refrigeration, there are small containers of milk that can stay on the shelf just fine while closed (Horizon and Organic Valley make them, and they’re organic!). So, rather than gulping down the hotel room coffee like a stiff drink, you can brew something you’ll enjoy drinking before you step out into the real world.

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