Day Old Champagne

Day old champagne is about as appealing as. .. it sounds. But despair not; the carbonation may slowly fade, but the good cheer doesn’t need to. We had our annual new years day party, and were left with several open but half-consumed bottles of bubbly, and I have a few pleasant plans for the remains.

  • Cocktails.  Less than fresh champagne is revived by liquid company.  If you have succumbed, as have I, to a beautiful bottle of St. Germain elderflower liqueur try 1/4 shot of fresh lemon juice, 1 shot elderflower liqueur, top it off with champagne. Might as well serve it in a flute because they’re still out anyway.
  • Salad dressing.  We’ve all seen recipes for champagne vinaigrette ( here’s one example at epicurious) so one option is to make vinegar out of your left-over champagne (sort of like lemonade out of lemons.  . .).  Apparently, folks have taken sides regarding the wisdom of homemade champagne vinegar (of course they have. . .).  Martha says go for it with an unusually simple approach; others go hard-core artisinal, others seem to caution against it all together pouting that homemade just doesn’t have the acidity of the properly prepared stuff.  All I can say is that I’m going to give the old champagne vinaigrette a go without wading into the vinegar wars. Will report back.
  • Dinner.   Champagne does not need all of its bubbles to be a terrific addition to cream sauce for chicken, serving as a de-glazer and flavor-enhancer.  Try it with scallops, chicken, shrimp.
  • Late advice.  Should have posted this two days ago, but my mother, champagne-lover extraordinaire, has always insisted that if you put a silver spoon into the mouth of an opened champagne bottle, handle first, it will help keep the champagne fizzy. So note to self next year, you may not have been born with a silver spoon in your mouth, but.. . .

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