Local 111, Again

OK, my family really likes Local 111 (in Philmont). First week of a summer menu. This review is jointly authored by me and my 8-year-old son.  He had the fried haddock, substituting buttermilk fritters for fries. He felt the honey mustard really “made” the fritter: kinda have to agree with him there. His parents went for lots of smalls: a roasted flatbread topped with parsley paste, roasted walnuts, poached egg, cheese, and light salad. Description cannot do the flatbread justice – perfect balance of salad with bread, sweet with tart.

Also a roasted beet salad with a light vinaigrette, and full, robust leaves of basil topped with lovely crunch almond slivers. In lieu of wine, we went with a matched set of St. Germain cocktails, with grapefruit juice and seltzer.

The only disappointment strangely the homemade version of a chipwhich: my son felt that the chocolate sauce on top was “too much” and that the inability to eat it with ones hands really detracted from the whole ice cream sandwich experience.  He did however come up with an interesting alternative: my traditional chocolate dipped macaroons as the cookies sandwiching coconut ice cream – I think he may be onto something. Tune in to find out how we do!

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