Away From Home Cooking

We have rented a summer home with another family – a terrific vacation option in my view. You can save on food costs by cooking in your home; have built in playmates for adults and kids; and find a nice balance between doing things and doing nothing.  Only question is the one of compatability.  We have travelled with this family, before; their son is friends with our son; we all care about quality food and relaxation – ingredients for a good time.  Would they share what I findn an intriguing holiday house game: can you make meals that are good, healthy, don’t cut too much into your vacationing time, and are strategically planned to use up the food you bought and yet require a minimum number of drives to the grocery store? Perhaps not the stuff of a Mattel best-seller, but now you know the way mind works. 

I packed the essentials: alcohol and wine (always hugely marked up in vacation locations); soy sauce (we have a standard grilled salmon recipe that calls for it, and why have a second bottle to lug back); cinnamon; white balsamic vinagre; and a few pieces of fruit that wouldn’t make it through the week at home. Should mention we were driving to our Shangri-la, in Maine. 

Friends arrived arms full of lobstah – I knew I liked them – and snacks from a Trader Joe’s stop. So dinner number one easy peasy; lobster, cucumber and feta salad, and fresh corn. Our first grocery store run was designed to get us through one more day till we’d had time to plan the week. So far, so good. 

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