Reclaiming Tradition

I just discovered the alternative universe of the Beekman boys.  To visit their website is to be transported to a time when food was locally produced and unfancy but delicious and objects were valued for their beauty and durability. These guys make cheese and soap at their farm, and sell that and more at their shop in Sharon Springs, NY.  But you can be a part of their world online too. Start with the fruit spoons highlighted in House Beautiful this month, and go from there.


Chicken Adobo

Apparently, this lovely dish has a complex cultural history, and multiple local variations. All I can say is I followed the Cook’s Illustrated recipe (you need to be a subscriber to read it, but you can get a free trial), and ended up with a scrumptious guest-worthy meal. And yes, those are whole garlic cloves, cooked to creamy spreadable perfection.

Farmers’ Markette

In Hudson NY, the farmers’ market has been indoors for 2 weeks. Lick, an ice cream shoppe in summer, is hosting a tiny farmers market outpost as well. Last night feasted on lamb chops from Pigasso Farms in copake; roasted fresh beets with feta; and a loaf of ciabatta from Loaf. It’s 2 degrees out today, so glad we shopped yesterday!

More post-party meals

A weeks worth of meals made up of post brunch-party leftovers. Turns out one of my favorite dishes, Israeli couscous and eggplant salad, which is rich especially after I add some mint-infused oil, pairs quite nicely with the acidity of fresh meatballs in tomato sauce. Then some gourmet grilled cheese with a mixture from cheese plate leftovers on sourdough, refrigerator soup livened with the rinds from the aged gouda, and that frankly mediocre champagne-based salad dressing got us through the whole week. And the bottled party gifts just keep on giving. Lovely start to the new year!