Moving the Roses

apparently moving the roses did not kill them. yeah. Image


Family Meals

Interesting article in the NYTImage about marketing Jenny Craig in France. Having lived in Paris for three years, of particular interest to me. Journalist couldn’t avoid commenting on the thin marketing lady’s lustful drag on a cig after her barely touched lunch, but otherwise pretty accurately summed up a few fundamental differences Americans and French have regarding food and eating. I think. however, that American eating habits have devolved – we too used to eat around a table and limit snacking. Change was motored by corporate marketing, two parents working and attendant challenges around food preparation and child care, and a constantly sped up society that does not encourage taking time for a leisurely lunch.  Made me happy our little family still eats together, at a table, and talks while we do. Think I’ll keep doing that.

Trying Frying

I don’t own a deep fat frier, and I’m fine with that. Yet somehow this week I went down the fry road twice. First, needed to devise culinary celebration with my 8-year-old son (sorry, 8 1/2, these things matter!) for my husband. Different ages; similar tastes. Fond memories of the fried Oreos from the dearly departed Albany Wine ‘N Diner were requested. Took a cue from Faith in the Kitchen, and fried the cookies in funnel cake batter. Key tip: freeze the cookies first. Not bad, though curious melding of chocolate cookie and batter into one indistinguishable layer of dough. If I ever take this path again, would like an approach that allows the cookie to maintain more of it’s original crunchy essence.  Second fried food tried: Padma Lakshmi‘s take on flautas. General appreciation all around our table; quick to make, so good weeknight dinner. Final culinary question: can you combine the left over frying oil from a sweet food to the leftover frying oil from a savory food to use again?