Somehow we and none of our foodie friends had ever heard of Jake Moon. In rural Clarkstown, just outside of suburban Delmar, logo designed by Milton Glaser, chef Dan Smith previously of Nicole’s Bistro – sounds like our kind of place.  Had lunch with out-of-town friends. Very family friendly frayed family diner decor, and wonderfully understanding staff.  Our 8-year-old (Leo) thought the food selection was odd, and he’s kind of right. You want to go with the classics, or the specials here – nothing in between.  Desserts like bread pudding were great; the experimental SLT (salmon bacon) was a nice idea but didn’t quite work; our friend went with the day’s special of rice balls and wasn’t disappointed. Took two loaves home – sourdough delish; cinnamon raisin dry and disappointing. We’ll be back; love the local flavor and the combination of traditional and risky.  Final vote: grownups – 7.5, kid – 6. Worth passing to the next round.