Trying Frying

I don’t own a deep fat frier, and I’m fine with that. Yet somehow this week I went down the fry road twice. First, needed to devise culinary celebration with my 8-year-old son (sorry, 8 1/2, these things matter!) for my husband. Different ages; similar tastes. Fond memories of the fried Oreos from the dearly departed Albany Wine ‘N Diner were requested. Took a cue from Faith in the Kitchen, and fried the cookies in funnel cake batter. Key tip: freeze the cookies first. Not bad, though curious melding of chocolate cookie and batter into one indistinguishable layer of dough. If I ever take this path again, would like an approach that allows the cookie to maintain more of it’s original crunchy essence.  Second fried food tried: Padma Lakshmi‘s take on flautas. General appreciation all around our table; quick to make, so good weeknight dinner. Final culinary question: can you combine the left over frying oil from a sweet food to the leftover frying oil from a savory food to use again?

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