Finally Pho Yum

I am a relative late-comerm to Pho Yum — the restaurant I wish the My Linh folks had opened years ago. When I left Brooklyn five years ago (!) there was a Banh Mi craze taking over – wasn’t new to those of us who had any familiarity with Chinatown, but became a hipster go-to lunch all over town. For the uninitiated, the Banh Mi is a Vietnamese sandwich that combines meats (usually pate and ham – yes, post-colonial) with marinated vegetables on a baguette.  The scrumptious combination of rich and tangy, smooth and crusty, is unparalleled. So divine, in fact, that I forgot to take out the camera until said sandwich was already partially consumed – this is the picture of food being enjoyed, people, not food being fawned over!  Chow down on Banh Mi at Pho Yum, at 1558 Central Avenue.  AND they do take out. I also personally could eat the Bun (vermicelli noodles) every day without tiring of them. And of course the restaurant namesake Pho (noodle soup) will be a perfect dish as the weather turns cooler. If my blog allowed for audio inserts, you’d be hearing my stomach growling right about now. . . Image

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